Kiran Jandu – Level 6 – Final Major Project – iCreate for SIMS

The iCreate App

A customising companion you need

I will be creating an app where you can customise your sims while your sitting down doing nothing! Once you log back into your PC, the customisation will all be transferred to your PC so you won’t have to worry about wasting loads of time on customisation. The app is quick and easy, However, alot of simmers have been complaining about not being able to create identical looking sims of themselves.. so all you have to do now is snap a selfie and your image will be scanned in, now you can play as yourself!

The feature in the app will let you customise your human from hair colour, eye colour to accessorises and much more! Also, there’s no worrying about taking an hour picking what trait your sim will have because when you fill in your information and your birthday.. we automatically assign you the traits by seeing what horoscope you are!