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The Actor and the Object, Drama and Performing Arts - Year 2

In this module students are normally asked to respond to the work of Tadeusz Kantor – an eminent Avant-garde theatre director, scenographer, performance art, and fine arts figure – and create, rehearse, and perform an adaptation of a selected fairy tale from Grimms’ Tales. In response to lockdown, we built on interdisciplinary character of Kantor’s work and asked students to adapt their ideas into an online space inspired by Tadeusz Kantor’s work and a selected fairy tale from Grimms’ Tales.

Group Manifestos
Group Manifesto
Individual Manifesto
Individual Performance - Ena
Group Manifesto
Individual Performance - Alara
Group Manifesto
Individual Performance - Danielle

King Authur Performance

Highlights from a performance of King Arthur, or the British Worthy, by John Dryden and Henry Purcell, by Canterbury Christ Church University musicians, actors and dancers, in March 2020, freely adapted, with considerable latitude, by Acting Director of Music, Chris Price.

Student Film Examples

Practice as Research, Drama and Performing Arts - Year 3

In this module students act as semi-autonomous practitioners. They formulate a question about their creative practice and explore it using practical skills gained on the programme. They present it as a live performance or workshop at the end of the academic year. In response to the COVID-19, we adapted the assessment, so it still provides a public-facing experience. Students were asked to create a website that documents their project with the view to pitch it to a potential funder or venue.
Soleca Teatro uses Instagram to respond to the global lockdown. They perform the isolation through social-media-theatre using and combining tools taken from immersive, digital, and realist theatre. Their work makes interesting links between technological glitches, immersive theatre, and Instagram.
The Instagram play can be viewed on the website
(The website has instruction on how to interact with the play).
Primordeal Productions examine the nature of storytelling and aim to underscore the nature of propaganda in the era of Fake News. By adapting and exploring Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex and Antigone the group create comedic Brechtian inspired drama to poke fun at self-serving political  diatribe.