Performing Arts & Drama

On these programmes you’ll gain a broad and deep understanding of what it is like working in creative and performing arts industries.

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts course enables you to pursue a variety of subjects spanning a wide range of Performing Arts activities covering performance, technical operation, management and design. This will give you the flexibility to develop your art as you get to grips with the realities and practicalities of performance and production.


The Drama course offers you exciting opportunities to develop practical, directorial, creative and intellectual skills in the contemporary world of drama and theatre. You’ll learn how to captivate an audience through dynamic acting and performance techniques and you’ll have opportunities to explore texts, spaces and creative ways of presenting and/or staging performance.

Musical Theatre

Our Musical Theatre degree lets you focus on far more than just your performance skills. You’ll study all three disciplines of dance, singing and acting, with showcase events built into the course at the end of each year. You’ll also get to look at Musical Theatre from a more academic point of view, studying the context, evolution and performativity of the contemporary scene.

Postdramatic Devising – Drama and Performing Arts - Year 3

In this module students are invited to experiment with contemporary devising techniques often using their own self as creative material. They consider performance styles that move beyond realist representation that they have encountered elsewhere in their degree and explore different ways to represent time, space and the body In response to lockdown, this year they had to create digital work that responded to the theme ‘Hidden. 

Headspaces (devised and performed by Ena Begovic, Michael Ferreira Perestrelo, Theodoros Antoniou and Lewis Fisher)

In this pieceperformers navigate identity through the use of a chosen ‘persona’ to humorously explore what happens when we are asked to conform to unrealistic standards of beautyThe performance was filmed on campus, the wider Canterbury area and on Zoom. 

Who am I? (devised and performed by Kleo Papoutsaki, Nela Trginova and Kristiana Valentinova)

This digital performance presents a surrealist study into the mind of a nameless woman. The entire rehearsal and filming process was carried out between Greece, Slovakia, Bulgaria and the UK. 

Practice as Research - Drama and Performing Arts - Year 3

Women Can Wait (devised and performed by Tina Baricevic, Ena Begovic, Ryan Gudge, Sally Parkinson)

This final year performance stages an unlikely meeting of three real women from different historical periods and geographical contexts (UK and Croatia) and a contemporary anonymous male in a space that resembles a purgatory. Upon encountering each other they explore together how women have been excluded and misrepresented throughout history through the lens of the male gaze 

Time Stamp (graduate theatre company)

During the second lockdownTime Stamp theatre company led by two third year Drama students, reached out to performing arts industry artists and students to collate responses about why theatre matters to them. 

Drama Showcase

Performing Arts Showcase

Musical Theatre Showcase