Archive: Film, Radio and Television 2020

Selection of Student Films

Written and Produced by Shane Wilkinson
Written and Produced by Adam Foster

The Screening - Film in 5 Days Competition

‘The Film in 5 Days Competition’ was open to current Film Production and Film, Radio and Television Students; the task was to complete a 1-minute film on the theme of isolation and submit within the five days. 19 students completed their films and there were two runners up, Dan Feakins and Ondrej Marko, and an overall winner; Luke Hill.

BA (Hons) Film Production

Student Films - Year 2

Year 2 Film Production students spent their first semester creating scripts and storyboards to be considered for production in the second semester. The scripts should be appropriate for a short documentary or fictional film (5-10 minutes). Students worked in groups of 5 or 6 and were given the choice of ten different scripts, with no obligation to choose their own or differ from other groups in their choice. These short films were shot in the days immediately before the closure of the physical campus and were edited at home. We are delighted at the high production skills on show.

Documentary Student Films - Year 2

Second year Film Production students created a short non-fiction film in the first semester. They had to research, find contributors, locations, shoot, edit and develop their ideas over a short space of time. Each documentary aimed to capture the essence of a person or a place. We encouraged the students to use elements of the voice in the soundtrack. The length of films were up to three minutes. Please take time to enjoy this excellent selection of real stories and ideas.