About the website

Our website has been developed by undergraduates from Digital Media and Graphic Design programmes in collaboration with a member of our lecturing staff.

The school of Creative Arts and Industries had been discussing ways to share end-of-year student work during lockdown since the normal performances and exhibitions were not possible. They decided this would be the perfect opportunity to create a schools’ student showcase website to exhibit the material and serve as a promotional tool for future students. This presented a wonderful opportunity for students to get involved in a ‘real-world’ project and gain valuable experience of working for a ‘live’ client. With lecturer and self-employed web designer Shelley Bartlette leading the creative project, a team of three students were selected to help develop a concept, branding and website design and development. The final website serves as a professional platform for the School of Creative Arts and Industries (SCANDI) to showcase the amazing work created by our students.

Meet the Team

Rossy Smith - Digital Media, Year 2

Web Design and Development : 2020

Before university, I never actually had that much of an interest in Design! All I ever wanted to do is travel, experience different cultures, listen to music and go to gigs. Having stumbled across Web Design, I’ve developed an interest and love for it which I’m excited to explore further in my professional career. Creating the SCANDI website alongside Shelley has been so beneficial to my knowledge – giving me a real insight into the process behind working for a real client. The skills I’ve learnt through this experience are so valuable, giving me the confidence to pursue Web Design further.

Fran Robinson - Graphic Design, Year 2

Animation : 2020

Despite originally being interested in studying illustration at university, I decided to join the Graphic Design course at CCCU and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. As well as finding a great group of friends and being surrounded by knowledgeable, supportive tutors, the course has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration which I will carry forward into my future career as a graphic designer. When being asked to help with the SCANDI website, my role was to create a bold, flashy animation for the home page that would feature all of the courses showcased as well as the SCANDI logo (made by a fellow student). I did this by creating multiple still images on both Photoshop and Illustrator, and then combined them to create an animation using Adobe After-Effects. Not only was it a very enjoyable project to work on, it also helped me to further my knowledge of all the programmes used.

Jack Beaumont - Graphic Design, Year 2

Branding: Logo Design: 2020

My name is Jack. I am currently studying Graphic Design at CCCU. My passion for Graphic Design stemmed from my studies during secondary school and university has helped to narrow this passion specifically towards logo design. Alongside Graphic Design, I also take interest in photography – which tends to mix well with my degree – and in my spare time I like to attend the gym. My involvement in the SCANDI project was mainly aimed at devising a logo for the website. This entailed thinking about the shapes and meaning behind the logomark. For example, producing a shape which represents the creative work produced by CCCU students and a sense of it coming together. Also, the typeface of the logo was influenced by the method of risograph printing, signified by both the shapes and colours overlapping. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work on this project and to be able to put all my skills that I have learnt at CCCU into practice.

Shelley Bartlette - Lecturer & Freelance Web Designer

Creative and Technical Lead / Web Design & Development

When the School approached me to develop a website to showcase student work in collaboration with current students I was extremely excited. The project felt a really important way to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our students – especially those who were completing their degree during the Covid-19 lockdown. Alongside Rossy, Fran and Jack, we developed a concept loosely based around ‘Risograph’- a popular digital screen printing technique. We felt this worked well across the broad range of disciplines to create visual impact while not over-powering the work on display. The project was an interesting and rewarding challenge and we are really happy with the result. The range and quality of work across the school is fantastic.

Alice Gills - Digital Media, Year 2

Web Design: 2021

I’m Alice and I am the owner of AGE Productions UK LTD. I specialise in graphic design, print and web design. It has been such a pleasure working with the School in updating the courses latest activities and work. I have loved every minute of working on the site. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

James Sermbezis - Digital Media, Year 2

Web Design: 2021